About ICAD-Me

Agenda / Topics

This conference will include, but not be limited to, presentations on:

  • History of Alzheimer’s disease
  • Basic science of Alzheimer’s disease pathophysiology
  • Pharmacotherapy of primary and secondary   symptoms in Alzheimer’s
  • Non-pharmacological management of dementia
  • Ethical and legal issues in dementia
  • Aging in local populations
  • Aging in the Koran and the Bible 


After attending this conference, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the history of dementia, and its societal impact on the aging community in the Middle East
  • Identify different forms of neurodegenerative disorders, including the many causes of dementia
  • Describe the behavioral features of Alzheimer’s
  • Discuss the appropriate treatment course of Alzheimer’s


  • To focus attention on dementia and neurodegenerative disorders of the aged in the Middle East
  • To raise scientific, medical and social awareness of these disorders
  • To enhance communication amongst medical and scientific workers in the region
  • To foster and enhance collaboration between health workers and researches in the middle east with their counterparts in the US, Europe, and other parts of the world


  • Clinical Physicians
  • Scientists
  • Representatives of government and social agencies, caregiver and patient organizations, pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies, and other health care professionals with and interest in the aging community of the Middle East are welcome