Welcome Letter


We are pleased to announce the Seventh International Conference on Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders in the Middle East! Alzheimer's disease and related illnesses have received relatively little attention in the region of the Middle East, an area with a population of over 225 million people. The progressive aging of Middle Eastern populations supports the importance of dementia studies in the region.

In April 2001, a meeting endorsed by the World Federation of Neurology, Alzheimer's Disease International and the Pancyprian Association of Alzheimer's Disease was held in Cyprus to bring together workers concerned with the medical and social aspects of dementia in the Middle East and other parts of the world. Based upon the success of that first conference, six additional installments of this conference have been convened in the region. Participants have included physicians and scientists from across the Middle East, Europe, United States and other countries around the globe. In each of these conferences plenary lectures were presented by world-renowned experts in Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders. Other presentations covered all aspects of dementia, mild cognitive impairment and related illnesses, including diagnosis, treatment, pathophysiology, pathology, genetics, epidemiology, and health economics. Recent results from clinical trials in Alzheimer’s disease were presented, with consideration of the possibilities for extending availability of clinical trials to Middle East populations.
We believe that we need to ensure a continuity of such meetings in the Middle East, in order to demonstrate our common aim to conquer Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders as well as our solidarity as scientists and physicians across borders, ethnicity, religion and gender. With our Seventh International Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders in the Middle East, we hope to ensure this continuity and build upon the successes of our previous six editions. With our two days of sessions, we will be bringing together, once more, a distinguished group of speakers, allowing more opportunities to learn together, network, collaborate and raise awareness of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders in the region.
We hope you will consider joining us and look forward to welcoming you to the conference in February 2017.


Changiz Geula, Ph.D.         Marwan Sabbagh, M.D.            Robert Friedland, M.D.            Abdu Adem, Ph.D.

    Convener                          Convener                              Convener                             Local Organizer